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Licensure in Iowa is issued and monitored by the Iowa Dental Board.

Continuing Education Requirements

  • Iowa Dental Hygiene licensees shall complete 30 hours of approved continuing education between September 1, 2013 and August 30, 2015.
  • A licensee must prove valid certification for CPR for each year covered by the license renewal period.
  • Licensees shall complete training relating to the identification and reporting of child abuse and dependent adult abuse every five years. Up to three hours of educational credit may be awarded for taking a combined course.
  • Licensees shall maintain a record of all courses attended by keeping the certificates of attendance for four years after the end of the year of attendance.

An approved sponsor of continuing education may offer topics that the Iowa Dental Board has NOT approved. Also, other states may offer courses their Dental Boards approve but Iowa does not. You may need to check before registering for a course if you intend to use the continuing education hours for re-licensure in Iowa.

Unacceptable subject matter includes personal development, business aspects of practice, personnel management, government regulations, insurance, collective bargaining and community service presentations. While desirable, these subjects are not applicable to dental skills, knowledge, and competence.

For further information on what are approved subject matters, programs and/or activities, contact the Iowa Dental Board at 1-515-281-5157 or Eileen at 563-355-8885.

REMINDER: You must report any change of name and/or address to your licensing board. In Iowa that is the Iowa Dental Board at 1-515-281-5157. This is your legal responsibility.

Click here to access information on the public health supervision collaborative agreements

For specific questions please contact the Board directly:

Iowa Dental Board
Melanie Johnson, J.D., Executive Director
400 SW 8th Street
Suite D
Des Moines, IA 50309-4687