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Program News

The DMACC Dental Hygiene students would like to say “Hello!” to everyone at the Iowa Dental Hygienist’s Association! We are currently in our third semester of school and it is flying by. We have been staying busy taking weekly tests and quizzes, learning Pharmacology and Periodontics, and working on our clinical skills.

We saw our family and friends as first patients last Spring and now we are seeing patients from the public! They offer a large range of difficulty and varied personalities, which gives us a good idea of what it will be like in the real world. It was quite the change from seeing patients we know, but we have all adjusted to it well. We continue to work on our hand instrumentation skills, while also working on using the Cavitron and EMS. We have learned how to use Nitrous Oxide; some of us have already used it on patients. We are also starting to administer Local Anesthetics. Most of us are very excited, yet very nervous, to give and receive injections, not only to each other, but to patients as well.

Many in our class volunteered at the Special Olympics: Special Smiles in Ames in May.  We helped the clinicians to assess gingival health, past and present decay, and sealants. We also helped to provide brushing instructions, apply fluoride and make mouth guards for the athletes. It was a rewarding experience and many more are excited to go next year!

Our class gets along very well, we try to help each other out anyway we can! We do stuff together outside of class like dinner or events, too. We really have become a family!

We are looking forward to seeing more patients, improving our skills, and making it through to graduation next Spring!

Iowa Western Community College December 2015 Graduating Class Student of the Year, Madison Baack