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North Central Component

This component covers a large geographic area – New Hampton to Spirit Lake and Iowa Falls to the Minnesota border. Since the periodontal office and sometimes the orthodontic offices offer continuing education programs, only one continuing education class is offered by the component. In March, it was a one hour evening program on a mission experience overseas. Dr. Bieber, a dentist practicing in Clear Lake, presented the program about a dental clinic in Haiti where he visits twice a year.

The Mason City District Dental Association offers two continuing education programs annually on a Monday morning in September and March. The North Central component composes two newsletters each year and distributes them via e-mail and in hand at district meetings. This is a good way to keep hygienists aware of association activities, upcoming continuing education programs and legislative bills affecting dental hygiene. Officers work hard to try to keep the component list accurate with current e-mail addresses. Facebook has been a good resource, but hygienists new to the area are encouraged to contact officers so their names are included on the list.

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Elections to be held on March 20, 2017

President: Kara Parcher,

Counties : 13 counties

Butler, Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, Kossuth, Mitchell, Webster, Winnebago, Worth and Wright.

Facebook Page: IDHA-North Central