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As first year dental hygiene students, the DMACC class of 2023 has been so excited to start on this educational pathway towards being respected clinicians in the health care world. We have been working hard in our anatomy, histology, and radiology courses learning a whole new 'dental language'. Clinical time has been spent practicing infection control procedures, patient assessment skills, and beginning to learn instrumentation. We just received our very own set of instruments, it felt like Christmas!

At Iowa Western Community College, we have an eclectic group in the Dental Hygiene Class of 2023. We have a student from Honduras, many from the heart of Omaha, and from surrounding Iowa communities coming together to get our Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene. Our students bring diverse experience to our program including many dental assistants, several with Bachelor’s Degree’s changing their careers, and students embarking on their initial college experience. Dental Hygiene is a career with many opportunities to serve the needs of our patients and communities as well as provide personal and professional growth to all of us who aspire to become great Dental Hygienists.

Iowa Westerns Dental Hygiene Class of 2022- About Us

The Dental Hygiene students for the Class of 2022 are a greatly diverse class of soon to be hygienists. They come from all over the world in fact! Some from right here in Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois, some all the way from Spain, Columbia, and Brazil!  We have students who are parents and students who are dog moms. There is a diverse career and education background with this group of students as well. Before starting the dental hygiene program, some students were CNAs or a Pharmacy Technician. Some students came to the program with a dental background such as a dental assistant or a sterile technician or working at the front desk in a dental office.  Some dream of the small rural town surroundings, where they can become a traveling dental hygienist to reach those underserved areas of need. One student dreams of going on mission trips and traveling abroad to do community dental education and care. There are a few that want to work specifically in pediatrics and few that want to join dental office teams.  We all, however, have the same dream; to become great dental hygienists!