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IMOM Iowa Mission of Mercy

The 2017 Iowa Mission of Mercy was held September 29-30, 2017 at the US Cellular Center in 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Please join us in 2017 as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Iowa Mission of Mercy!

Thank you to all who have volunteered! Without your help we could not have reached this landmark year. Mission of Mercy is a collaboration of not only dental professionals providing services for those in need, but also and outpouring of general volunteers that setup, and provide the help necessary to run our clinic. Please grab your fellow colleagues and friends and make some awesome memories together, at the 2017 Iowa Mission of Mercy!

IMOM Amy Weishaar providing dental hygiene services IMOM Sue Ollman providing dental hygiene services IMOM Hygiene Clinic Area
IMOM Amy Weishaar providing dental hygiene services Emily Boge using the Nomad Rachel Pfeifer, Jennifer Pierce, Sue Cira and Michelle Doughty, enjoying the calm before the storm!
Brenda Platz doing the thing she loves to do! The main floor at the US Cellular Center Amanda Aunspach, Brenda Platz,
Nadine DeVoss, Laurie Abbas and Becke Dorenbush making the IDHA proud!



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