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Dubuque Component

The component uses email as our main communication to members and will try to keep all members informed after each Board of Trustees meeting with a small update by email on what has taken place at the board meeting.  We are excited to have two of our own component members step up into leadership positions with IDHA.   Congratulations to Pat Alden, IDHA President, and Emily Boge, IDHA President-Elect.  We encourage all hygienists to step up and become more active members in their Professional Association.


President: Deb Schuler

Secretary: Deb Schuler

Treasurer: Lisa Woodward

Continuing Education: Trish Kemp

Counties : 4 counties

Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson

Facebook Page :

Email :
Deb Schuler:

Cell number: Deb Schuler 815 291 4236

President Photo:

Deb Schuler

Component Meetings/Continuing Education Meetings:

2016-2017 schedule is pending