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From the President

Amy Grant
Hello Iowa Hygienists!

For those who do not know me, I am Donnella Miller, your President of the Iowa Dental Hygienists' Association. If it feels like I am a somewhat familiar face, it is because I am. My last term as President was during the pandemic. I did not have an opportunity to meet people, visit schools, or work on our goals during my tenure. I appreciate you placing your trust in me for another term! The Board has already begun its work for the year and will provide you with a great fall event on September 30! Please go to the IDHA website for information and to sign up. As I look forward to the year, my commitments to you are communication, advocacy, and mentoring.

Communication is essential in our profession, so many of us in private practices feel siloed. Your professional organization is your key to knowing what is happening in the profession, not just in Iowa. I encourage you to create study clubs in your communities if you do not have those. If you are unsure how to start one, email me, call me, and we can brainstorm together. Reach out to your IDHA leaders to inquire about what is happening, and PLEASE feel free to attend our board meetings! I believe you would be surprised at the work that is accomplished! The zoom links will be posted on the website two weeks before each meeting. Advocacy. It sounds like scary work; however, it's really what you do every day.

When you work on behalf of your patients, the citizens of Iowa, you are advocating. Talking educating the public about your education, skill sets, and scientific-based decision-making you are doing is essential work. It is how the advancement of the profession takes place. A small handful of those who are passionate cannot do this alone! I would encourage EVERYONE to email one of their legislators and introduce themselves as a dental hygienist in their constituent. Encourage them if there are questions about oral health or fluoride. You are a content expert! Finally mentoring. None of the leaders got to where they were alone. We have all had help along the way.

Mentoring is something that I believe is key to our profession's growth and prosperity. If you admire someone, tell them. More than likely, at one time (or still do) were in the same situation. Mentoring sparked personal growth to sharpen and develop leadership skills that continue to be passed along. I have had countless mentors in various areas of my life who have made me into the person I am today and will continue to push me into the person I strive to be.

For now, I want to be your leader who is open to conversations and encouraging to all. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to a great year together.


2022 Fall Event


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Member Spotlight

Picture of SonderleiterName and Residence:  Ashley Sonderleiter - Ankeny, Iowa
Years in Dental Hygiene: 1 year
Years of Membership: 2 years, started as a student member – DMACC Class of 2021  
Family: My long time Fiancé Chris, our dogs (Peanut, Waffles, and Nero) and our cats (Pumpkin and “Captain” Kirk)
Favorite Instrument: My go to instruments of choice are my trustee sickle and the Universal’s- specifically the Pointed Mccall Curette/ “pointed toe” Universal Curette!!!

Why did you join IDHA or what do you love most about IDHA: I am the current Media Coordinator for IDHA, Administrative Council Trustee, and an Alternate Delegate. I became involved in our professional organization in order to network and be apart of our legislative  process. These roles and connections have helped me gain perspective and even more appreciation for all the work that the IDHA volunteers do to advocate for all hygienists. This is what ultimately protects our profession as well as advance it! In this short time, I have had the chance to learn from and connect with amazing hygienists all over the state and nation. I became involved to have a voice in the legislative process which has helped me gain perspective and priceless knowledge to try and promote our profession to the next level. We need more advocates/ volunteers! People willing to advocate for not only themselves but for others too! So, I would encourage anyone interested in becoming involved in IDHA to please reach out, we would love to have you!  

How do you define success or what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Speak Up! Be an advocate whether it is for yourself or for others.
Leading by example. Every job has unexpected inconveniences and unideal conditions – find the opportunity within these circumstances to achieve success around you - Positivity is contagious! 


2022 board

Congratulation to the new IDHA Board of Directors! 

2022 Fall Event Con-Ed Certificated to download

Saturday 4-30-22 Con Ed Certificate (.docx)

Saturday 4-30-22 Con Ed Certificate (.doc)

Saturday 4-30-22 Con Ed Certificate (.pdf)

Upcoming Events


August 27th, 1st BOT meeting, Virtual

Fall Event and Student Faculty Conference Sept 30th, 2022
at FFA Building, DMACC Ankeny Campus

IMOM 2022 will be here before we know it! Save the date for November 4-5 at the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Help support this impactful event by visiting our website,, and register to volunteer.