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From the President

Tonya Enright Greetings all dental hygienists in Iowa, and thank you for taking time to read my message! As 2018 nears the end, I hope each of you enjoy the upcoming weeks and have blessed holidays with your loved ones. This year has been eventful for IDHA, and I want to share the details with you.

Over the past few months, IDHA has been very busy collaborating on upcoming events and advocating for our profession. Recently, I attended the ADHA's Unleashing Your Potential (UYP) leadership workshop in Chicago with 22 other dental hygiene leaders from across the United States. What an amazing and energizing three days! The leaders of ADHA provided us with a wealth of information and I found that a lot of our states have similar goals and face challenges alike. One main thing alike is the value to align with the vision of the ADHA. The goals of our association are to follow those of the American Dental Hygienists' Association. Please take a moment to review what the ADHA has determined in the strategic plan on the website. Key words: Unite, empower, leadership, support, integrated health care delivery system, improve oral health, resources, and advocacy.

Our vision and goals focus on each of us and our profession. One major concern is membership of our association, as enrollment is declining, not only in Iowa, but nationally. I point out this out to let you know that IDHA has been hard at work for you; collaborating with IDA, the Iowa Dental Board and legislators to remain informed of proposed legislative actions that impact the community, profession and each of us. Please take time to review the legislative update on our website.

My main message I want to resonate is, your voice, presence, and active involvement are crucial to maintain and advance our profession in the state and national level. Another reason to be a member is to keep informed of what is happening nationally. The ADHA continues to advocate for dental hygiene—recently at the White House and again with the Federal Trade Commission. Several states have taken action to implement a dental therapy model to improve access to oral health care. We must be thinking of the future of dental hygiene in Iowa and improve oral health in our communities—and there is no better time than now!

Together, WE WILL SOAR!
Tonya Enright, CDA, RDH, BSDH, MEd, EdD(c)

Going the Extra Smile

5K / 1 Mile ~ Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser for RDH PAC at Annual Session in Cedar Rapids on May 4, 2019

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Member Spotlight

Danielle LuhringName:  Danielle Luhring, BHS-DH

Residence:  Waverly, Iowa

Years in Dental Hygiene: 12 years

Years of Membership: 12 years ( I believe, may have taken a year or two off when I didn't work having babies)

Family: Married to Mark - 13 years; 4 Kids: Landon - 11 years old, twins Adilyn and Emilyn 9 years old, and Tenley 4 years old.

How I got interested in Dental Hygiene: My best friend growing up always said she was going to be a dental hygienist, and I had no idea what that meant until I was in my sophomore year of college at Iowa State University and trying to decide my major; I was home on spring break and my own dentist suggested dental hygiene, I applied that summer!  I did the Dental Assisting program first because I was too late to enroll for that year of hygiene and really enjoyed dental assisting as well. The next fall I was in the hygiene program and I have been very happy in dentistry ever since!

Favorite Instrument: I could not get through a clinical day without my Montana Jack, it is the BEST at cleaning SUPRA-G calc in the lower anterior interproximal areas!

Memorable hygiene moment: Getting ready to start a slow pitch softball game and my phone rings in my bat bag, I looked down and see Emily Boge is calling me, I answer, and her first words are, "have you ever considered teaching hygiene?  Do you want to be an Adjunct at Hawkeye for me?"  Of course my answer was "yes" and I have been teaching ever since.

Other info - I am starting my full-time teaching career, teaching both assisting courses and hygiene courses at Hawkeye.  I am also getting more active in IDHA now that my kiddos are older and I can work more independently.  I enjoy international mission trips and I am working on planning my next one for next summer.  I continue to be very active in my community playing Rec Sports and volunteering at my church.  I am an instructor for Iowa Caregivers Mouth Care Matters courses, I am an Inaugural Writer for Todays RDH, and I also write and edit for RDH mag.

I would love to get the word out about joining ADHA/IDHA and am ready to rock my new role as Member Services Trustee!

Upcoming Events

Feb. 27, 2019 Lobby Day @ Iowa Capital Building

Mar. 2, 2019 BOT @ HCC 9:00am

May 3-4, 2019 IDHA Annual Session @ Hotel Kirkwood, Cedar Rapids, IA