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From the President

Amy Grant
Hello to everyone reading this message. I hope it finds you well. I’m Amy Grant and the current President of the Iowa Dental Hygienists’ Association. I have been a hygienist for nearly 20 years and have had opportunities working in general dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, non-profit, and clinical instruction. All of these experiences have contributed to who I am today as a person, hygienist, and professional. My acquired knowledge, through these experiences, along with my personal attributes, will help me to provide inclusive and positive leadership within IDHA. This year, as well as last, has been met with exceptional challenges. I believe we will prevail and come out stronger than before. I am here to encourage you and serve in the best interests of Iowa’s Dental Hygienists.

In the wake of these extraordinary times, I’ve given a lot of thought to my profession and what it really means to me. I was reflecting on becoming a member of IDHA. I continued on to my baccalaureate education right after Dental Hygiene school, so I didn’t sign up to become a member right away. I eventually needed some professional guidance, so I reached out to IDHA and was able to get the answers I needed. Then, while I was attending the IDHA state meeting, I was walking by and a Hygienist recognized my name from that previous interaction. She asked if I’d like to join the House of Delegates meeting. I took a chance, knew no one, and participated. I was in over my head, but this group of individuals were welcoming, smart and professional. They had a strong sense of community, camaraderie, and they wanted me to belong. I wanted to be a part of what they were doing. That Hygienist, who recognized my name and invited me, was the president-elect of the association at that time and is now my most dear friend. I hope to bring that type of leadership to you.

Lots of exciting collaborations have been happening. Iowa recently had representation at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association Virtual House of Delegates. This is a chance to participate in our state’s presence on the NATIONAL level and it’s an important event that helps establish policy and by-laws for our association. Did you know that this is an opportunity waiting for your voice to be heard? I didn’t fully realize how impactful and significant this experience could be until I participated. It was an opportunity to look at our profession through a different lens.

Your IDHA leaders have been working to put together some great upcoming events for you with quality, dynamic, and innovative continuing education and networking opportunities. Our Fall Event is right around the corner, coming up on October 1st. It’s something for everyone; live continuing education for the licensee, a student event presentation, and a chance for Iowa’s faculty to collaborate. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!


These are nice T-shirts for the IOH fundraisers. They include a variety of sleeve options as well as color options. Hope everyone will consider supporting the IOH.


Member Spotlight

Picture of Kara Parcher and her husband Name: Kara Parcher
Residence: Rockford, Iowa
Years in Dental Hygiene: 31
Years of Membership: 23
Family: Married 29 years to my husband, Paul.  Daughter-Lauren, 28 years old, Son-Ethan, 26 years old and daughter-in-law, Hannah
18 month old German Shepherd -Belle

Favorite Instrument: anything universal - I love hand instrumentation. 
Memorable Hygiene Moment: I had a patient who did not brush, so instead of giving her more home care instruction, I asked her why she isn't brushing.  No one had ever asked her this question and after thinking about it, she  figured out that she hated toothpaste. When she was informed of the importance of the mechanical removal of plaque and that it is OK to brush without the toothpaste, she increased her home care and presented with great improvement. She thanked me for asking the right questions.  A lot of our success comes in asking the right question and that question may seem insignificant or weird at the time.

Upcoming Events


October National Dental Hygiene Month

January 15th BOT Virtual meeting 9:00 am