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From the President

Donnella Miller
Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction. That is one of my favorite quotes, I find it to be so true. When it feels like the winds are howling and chaos is all around suddenly the path of direction is as clear as a summer day. Our profession has seen a lot of winds of change lately but nothing can compare to what is possible!

I have always been fascinated by windmills, as a young child watching those blades turn, I never understood the significance of what they did, what was happening on each twirl of the rotor. A windmill is used to harness energy, then that energy allows a variety of tasks to take place from the grinding of grain to extracting sugar, pumping water and producing electricity.

What do dental hygienist and windmills have in common? We are both resources. Hygienists are highly educated, skilled and innovative. We possess the ability to provide access to care for those Iowan’s who are in the greatest need while ensuring quality care. According to the U.S. Department of Energy 60 counties in Iowa are utilizing wind turbines for an alternative energy source. Compare that to only 42 counties (out of 99) where dentists are accepting Medicaid for children or adults. In my mind this equates more emphasis being placed on alternative energy than overall health and Iowan’s deserve better!

It is my belief we are in the midst of change. With the onset of Covid-19 telehealth services have accelerated demonstrating the ability for hygienists to integrate technology easily into practice while still providing proper supervision by a dentist. Access to care does not just mean opening more sites or attempting to sign on more dentists to Medicaid, it means meeting people where they are, especially in a pandemic. This is why the Iowa Dental Hygienist Association need YOU! There is strength in numbers, from legislation to changing rules it takes effort and members.

I would like to personally invite you to become a member and see what we are all about. Continuing education, access to care, lobbying efforts and communication is our focus. Enjoy the breeze and see your direction you won’t regret it!

- Donnella Miller

Member Spotlight

Picture of Brenda LambertName: Brenda Lambert
Residence: Roland, IA
Years in Dental Hygiene: 13 years
Years of Membership: 11 years
Family: Two sons that keep me busy and who have taught me to be a better version of me, Tyler 11 and Cade 9. Husband Tom for 16 years of marriage.
How I got interested in Dental Hygiene: As a child I wanted to clean my grandpa’s dentures. I myself as a child wanted dentures also so I could clean my teeth better. 😂 Now I know better!!!! 😉
Favorite Instrument: Nevi posterior sickle scaler
Memorable hygeine moment: ADHA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. The motivational speakers putting the spark in my professional life and interacting with other dental professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Also, finding oral cancer has made me a believer of how important doing a detailed job is.

Upcoming Events


August 15th General Assembly via Zoom

October Fall Event Cancelled

Annual Session April 30 - May 1st Virtual - See Con-Ed Annual Session link